Bikini top | Purple-Pink

Bikini top | Purple-Pink

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    General Information
    2020 collection by California Waves

    Our teams have worked for several years to develop and improve the quality of our color changing Swim Trunks. That's why today we are the only ones to own the original model of incomparable quality.

    Our shorts use the Thermochromic technology. This technology activates above or below 82°F.

    When you’re wearing these swimshorts, they’re (usually) warm due to your body heat and the warmth of the sun.☀️ To make your California Waves swim shorts change color, get cool! That means splash, jump or dive into the water and watch what happens. 💦

    Ready for summer season? Sea’sons has you covered with our color changing

    Purple-Pink Bikini top with matching Purple-Pink bikini bottom which both react to temperature changes. When the bikini is cold, the original color shows and when the fabric warms up (due to your body heat or the sun) a completely different color shows! To make your SEA’SONS bikini change color, get cool!  

    You know what the best thing about our color changing bikinis is? You can combine them however you like.

    Yellow, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink, Red, Purple… Everything is possible! To make your Sea’sons bikini change color, get cool! Take a dive or just splash it and watch what happens.

    Product details.

    ✔️ 80% Polyamide, 20% Elastane.

    ✔️ Soft & quick drying fabric.

    ✔️ Elegant logo. 

    ✔️ 100% Color Changing

    ✔️ Removable padding


    The perfect bikini is the one you feel good in

    Sea’sons has you covered: our color changing bikini tops are not just for the pool or the beach. You can perfectly combine the Purple-Pink bikini top with a cool pair of jeans, shorts or a slightly transparent summer dress.

    Even if you already have a collection of bikini bottoms and you only want some new bikini tops, you can easily mix and match our color changing bikini tops and buy them separately.

    That way you can create different sets, the possibilities are endless!

    With our feminine bikini bottoms, you'll be an absolute standout at the beach, at the pool or on a holiday. We’re excited to show you our newest bikini collection! Get yours now and surprise yourself and your friends and family with the color changing effect of these bikini tops!

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